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From grand events to private special occasions, such as birthday parties and romantic dinners, Tasty High Chef provides exceptional Cannabis Infused Dining. Our personal chefs create an elevated menu for each client, prepared fresh on site. Each dish is crafted with organic, locally sourced seasonal ingredients. We are experienced in preparing a variety of cuisines and work with any dietary considerations including vegan and gluten-free. We tailor the ingredients as well as the amount of Cannabis to your meet your needs to create your perfect cannabis experience. Call us today to see how we can take your next meal to a higher level.

Tasty High Menus

Please note: these sample menus are fully customizable



Mackenzie from Pacific Beach

Mackenzie from Pacific Beach

Mackenzie from Pacific Beach

"My Birthday Brunch by Tasty High Chef was Amazing!"


Tim from La Jolla

Mackenzie from Pacific Beach

Mackenzie from Pacific Beach

"Our Dinner Party for 6 was a great experience. The meal was outstanding and we spent the rest of the evening laughing and enjoying our company while Tasty High Chef did all the work."


Melissa from Escondido

Mackenzie from Pacific Beach

Melissa from Escondido

"Make sure you try their Chocolate Sphere Surprise. It made an already memorable evening even better!"

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